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Proverbs in Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Que Loan (Thai Nguyen University)
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Topic: Language, community, ethnicity
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Proverbs constitute a highly significant aspect in formal documents in Vietnam. These documents, which are frequently legal documents, are used as a basis for proofs, arguments, and the like. The purpose of the use of proverbs in these documents includes that this linguistic prevalence is required for understanding of the traditional culture of each ethnic group. As such, proverbs can be considered as a type of cultural – a language type which has the ability to reflect vividly and comprehensively Vietnamese social life.

Employing an interdisciplinary research method, under perspective of anthropology to approach proverb , we can open up an
enormous wealth of knowledge and culture, field of experience of all Vietnamese generations from past to present. Because proverb is a place where converges richly and comprehensively values of traditional culture of Vietnamese.

This stiudy exposes that the essence of cultural expression in behavior thus becomes evident, through a wealth of over 16,000 Vietnamese proverbs, which all express behavior comprehensively. Proverbs ares considered as vital elements of the dictionary, describing the characteristics of Vietnamese culture, and in which Vietnamese behavior can sustain a suitable relationship with family and society. These proverbs describe the behavior of humans in nature, society and between themselves.

From a new perspective, the study indicates that particular contributions of proverbs expose Vietnamese traditional culture. Proverbs from a cultural perspective provide a field of study of new perspectives on cultures. Here, Vietnamese culture is transmitted through proverbs that blend into the beauty of human culture, so to create objective values for human life.

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Keywords: Vietnam, Proverbs, Language, Society


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